Sharon Conroy has coordinated numerous public education campaigns as a local government employee, as well as conducting outreach programs for businesses and residents as an independent consultant. Waste reduction and recycling outreach programs influence the public to take action by handling their waste differently. Proper messaging to businesses and residents is critical in the implementation of a waste reduction and recycling program.

 Highlights of Sharon’s experience include:

  • Lewis County – Business recycling outreach to chamber of commerce members
  • Allied Waste – Design of recycling brochure for specific business sectors
  • City of SeaTac – Waste audits and recycling visits to commercial residents
  • City of Auburn – Food waste composting outreach offering training for restaurant staff
  • Clark County – Residential cart tagging, notifying citizens of proper recycling methods
  • Washington State Department of Ecology; designed focus sheets on waste reduction and recycling grants for press releases; wrote letters to Washington State legislators on the grant awards and expected measurable results; and delivered presentation on local government resources at the Washington State Recycling Conference
  • City of Auburn; implemented curbside recycling program using a Citizen Participation model; communicated with civic and community leaders; provided city wide public outreach for recycling program; delivered environmental education to schools and community; and designed and delivered residential yard waste collection promotion.
  • Thurston County; ran media campaigns for grass cycling and natural yard care; promoted Buy Recycled incentives; and conducted Business Recycling outreach program.
  • City of Shelton/Mason County; directed campaign for city wide curbside recycling in the City and drop box collection in the County; delivered recycling presentations to over 400 adult and youth groups; and held forums, facilitated open houses, and coordinated panel speakers.


Sharon Conroy has also developed training materials, trained trainers and delivered educational programs. An essential step in implementing a training program is to transfer knowledge to the program participants. This building block allows participants to understand their role when new methods or processes are needed.




Green Solutions offers skills in delivering clear messages and invitations to your citizens. We can assist you in setting up stakeholder participation to increase the effectiveness of your programs. Green Solutions can help you create and deliver training programs that allow participants to understand new processes. Please call Sharon at (360) 897-2474 to find out more about our services or for advice on promoting your recycling programs.