Green Solutions is a limited liability company (LLC) with two members, Sharon Conroy and Rick Hlavka. We have different but complementary skills, and together we make a powerful team. If necessary, we can also team with other qualified consultants to provide a wide range of services in the most cost-effective manner possible.

As independent consultants, Green Solutions can respond quickly to changes in the needs of a project. Our expertise and commitment to quality is reflected by our large number of repeat clients.










Sharon Conroy

Sharon Conroy has over 26 years of solid waste and recycling experience. Sharon Conroy’s extensive experience includes:


  • Sharon worked as Ecology’s Coordinated Prevention Grant Coordinator, managing grants to local governments for recycling, organics and hazardous waste. She led the grant program in policy developments and wrote fiscal and rule making reports.
  • At Green Solutions, Sharon has consulted with local government and businesses. She has managed outreach programs and recycling events.
  • While working for cities and counties previously, Sharon implemented curbside recycling, delivered public education campaigns, presented information to elected officials, and led trainings for local citizens.






Rick Hlavka

Rick Hlavka has extensive project management experience and notable analytical skills. A few highlights of his experience include:


  • Rick Hlavka has been writing solid waste management plans and designing recycling and composting programs since 1987. He has developed or assisted with over 33 solid and moderate-risk waste plans for counties, cities, Tribes and regional agencies.
  • Rick has conducted numerous waste composition studies and related types of projects for counties, cities, Tribes and military bases. He has conducted over 35 such projects altogether.


Rick has an extensive network of contacts in the recycling and solid waste field in Oregon and Washington and a solid understanding of solid waste systems.