Recycling Events

Recycling Event Coordination


Sharon Conroy manages special recycling events for residents to properly dispose of recyclable items.  These events provide residents with an outlet for their “hard to recycle” items.  These events focus on recyclable items that are either too large or not cost-effective to collect through a curbside recycling program. 

Helping You to Help Your Citizens Recycle


Recycling collection events provide an effective way for residents to clean up special wastes that could become a hazard in the home.  Every participant gets a hearty welcome and are directed where to unload their items. 

Full Service Collections


Collection crews assist participants with their recyclables.  Items collected at these events are reused or recycled instead of landfilled.  Recycling events are especially effective for recycling large or bulky items that might otherwise become an unsightly mess in neighborhoods.  Common materials collected at such events include: 

Scrap metals  -  Clean wood  -  Lead acid batteries  - 

Styrofoam  -  Tires  -  Car seats  -  Rigid plastics  -  Toilets and sinks  -  Propane tanks  -  Electronics  -  Mattresses and box springs - Refrigerators  

Let us help you

Green Solutions has a proven track record of successfully coordinating and conducting recycling events.  Please feel free to call Sharon at (360) 897-2474 to find out more about our services or for advice on running your recycling event.